My dear friend Val inspired me to participate in the National Poetry Writing Month, where you are supposed to write a poem a day. Now I’m not a big poetry writer. Of course like anyone who has ever been a teenager and owned a notebook and writing utensil, I have written poetry. Even written poetry past age 15. However, its bad poetry. Truly awful stuff. But really, that is okay. We need to write bad stuff sometimes. I also love writing haiku’s, always have. The rules of syllables and juxtaposition speak to me somehow. So for National Poetry Writing Month, I’m writing Haiku’s that in all likelihood are bad. But as in any art or craft, I have to write all sorts of bad stuff before I can write something truly good. And don’t worry, I know I am not the first person to say that.

pulled from my warm sleep

husbands heavy arms cling, now

hotel, not my home




doors click, planes take off

hotel symphony


flashing images

click of the remote control

cable keeps me up