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I’ve visiting my grandparents right now and I was wondering if I could fit in a blog for this challenge. But I was flooded with the feelings that returning here always gives me and I thought “ah hell I’ll share them.”

I am a sentimental being. There are no two ways around it. Coming here always brings that up in me. My grandparents still live in the house that my dad and his three brothers grew up in. While it isn’t completely unchanged, many things are exactly the same as they were when I was a kid.

When I walk in I smell that smell that means I’m at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. That never ever changes. Every time I come here I give my self a little time just to wander the upstairs a little bit. It is just two bedrooms and a bathroom but that’s where my siblings and I am my parents always slept and I just like to see and touch those things that have been there for the last 28 years and longer. My grandma’s sewing machine which probably hasn’t moved in at least 30 years, the plastic gold crucifix on the wall in the kids bedroom, the hand quilted throw pillows on the bed, all of these little mundane things just bring up memories so much. It makes me remember how I felt when I was young. I love that.

My parents  moved from Missouri to Minnesota shortly before I was born to. I grew up having everyone else be far away and we only got to see them a few times a year. My sister and I have often said how we feel lucky that we grew up this way because we always appreciated our family and our Grandparents. I remember when I was a kid hearing other kids bemoan that fact that they had to go to their grandparents. I never understood that. For us it was a treat, and something we looked forward to. People certainly usually come to appreciate their Grandparents, especially as they and we get older. Though no doubt in my mind that I soak it up even more now.

My grandparents themselves don’t change much either. Though they are smaller and older each time I see them, they still make me laugh. They endlessly crack me up. They still bicker over silly things and get mad at their computers. They still laugh at me and want kisses. Something don’t change, and really sometimes that’s the best.

Such as just now. My Grandma bought a pina colada mix for us. We just finished them and just said “Hu ha hu ha, I’m feeling goooood.”